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††††††† † People have been always looking for beauty ...

††††††††† Subconsciously, we realize that the bad presence is an obstacle to genuine exhibition on the merits and value. Many of us would prefer to be evaluated only on the skill, intelligence and achievements. Meanwhile, our appearance is a factor having great importance in the world around us.†

††††††††† A well-chosen and appropriate haircut, hair color is a very important element of the image.†
††††††††† A few words about the hair ...

††††††††† Hair for women have always been the crowning achievement of her beauty. Just think about Eve from Paradise, which thanks to her long, wavy, golden hair †tempted Adam to eat an apple.
Cleopatra, Nefretiti, and other Egyptian queens have been fully aware of the strength of your hair, for protecting them from the glaring sun by using olive oil.
††††††††† Hair is a part of our identity, something that differentiates us from other people. Dark, clear, red, green, varying in length – tells a lot about our style and personality.

††††††††† As a hair stylist I see hair as an art in which I fulfill my destiny. Experience, combined with a passion and an aesthetic sense makes the group of my clients growing. My work is for me, adventure, pleasure and no challenge. Every time I fully engage in my job.

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